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for Liberal People

We manage money for institutions and individuals who are principled, proactive, and inspired to make a difference with their investments. Newground is an award-winning, values-aligned money manager that works to meet our clients' financial goals, integrate their values, and contribute to the common good.

Celebrated as Money Managers and Investment Provocateurs, Newground is nationally known for its unique brand of impact investing that also features shareholder engagement — through which corporations are called to embrace sustainability and to address the environmental, social, and justice issues that arise out of their operations.

Newground's mission is to harness the power of business for good — in service to our clients' long-term financial needs as well as to the human yearning for strong and resilient communities, a healthy environment, and a robust, sustainable, and locally-determined economy.

As the nation’s first Social Purpose Corporation (SPC), we paved the way for businesses that want to give social and environmental impact equal importance to corporate profits. We are celebrating our 24th year and are the nation's second exclusively SRI/ESG impact investment advisor.


Experienced Team

Bruce T. Herbert, AIF
Founder & Chief Executive

Bruce founded Newground to serve clients who wish to create positive social and environmental outcomes without sacrifice to financial performance.

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Bruce Herbert: Getting McDonald's to the Table
Hear the inside story of a transformational shareholder engagement with McDonald's in this NPR conversation with KUOW’s Megan Sukys.

As a legal fiduciary – with more than 30 years’ experience – we help individuals and institutions merge their values with their dollars.

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Newground Social Investment, SPC is a Registered Investment Advisor that is incorporated and registered in the State of Washington. In accordance with applicable law, we may only conduct business in states where appropriately registered or exempted from registration. Newground currently serves clients in a number of states nationwide, and we would be pleased to discuss whether it is permissible (given your state of residence or incorporation) for us to serve your financial needs.