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Newground Social Investment

Connecting Money to What Matters

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Newground Social Investment, SPC becomes the nation's 1st Social Purpose Corporation 
Bloomberg BusinessWeek article on Newground, and WA State's creation of Social Purpose Corporations (SPCs). 

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Bruce Herbert: Getting McDonald's to the Table
Hear the inside story of a transformational shareholder engagement with McDonald's in this NPR conversation with KUOW’s Megan Sukys.

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      News, Press, and Engagements:
          The latest press, and Newground's shareholder resolution filings

      The Basis of Social Investment:
          The 3 levels of social investment, and how to avoid getting 'green-washed'
          An example of an important victory achieved through shareholder engagement
          The performance of social investment compared to the S&P 500

      The Way We Work:
          Newground's Fiduciary Duty
          Conservative Portfolios for Liberal People
          A Foundational Layer of Diversification

      Values and Motivation:
          Robert Kennedy on 'Economics vs. Human Values'
          Newground's mission statement

      Our Team:
          Our professional staff:    Bruce Herbert, AIF
          A valued sub-advisor*:   First Affirmative

              *Newground manages money by hiring qualified SRI sub-advisors, to whom we delegate certain day-to-day trading, reporting,
              and research functions.

              The use of a variety of different managers (each with a unique investment ‘style’ or ‘philosophy’) is a sophisticated technique
              practiced by many of the world’s most noteworthy money managers – because it creates greater stability, lower volatility, and
              higher assurance of long-term financial success.

              Our most valued sub-advisory relationship is with First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN), of Boulder and Colorado Springs,
              Colorado. We are pleased to present the backgrounds of their key leadership personnel.

Now enjoying our third decade, Newground Social Investment provides individual, institutional, LGBTQ, and not-for-profit clients with:

Socially responsive (SRI* / ESG*) money management that integrates investment decisions with social concerns and personal or institutional values.
Competitive financial returns along with positive social impact.
Financial coaching and Life Planning that creates peace of mind, a sense of integrity, and financial security.
Community investment for strong local benefits.
Shareholder advocacy for transparency and accountability.

Newground is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor serving institutions and individuals of means who are principled, proactive and inspired to make a difference with their investments.

        * SRI = Socially Responsive.., Socially Responsible.., or Sustainable & Responsible Investment
        * ESG = Environmental, Social, and Governance factors

Newground Social Investment, SPC is a Registered Investment Advisor that is incorporated and registered in the State of Washington.  In accordance with applicable law, we may only conduct business in states where appropriately registered or exempted from registration.  Newground currently serves clients in a number of states nationwide, and we would be pleased to discuss whether it is permissible (given your state of residence or incorporation) for us to serve your financial needs.


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